Panterra’s vast experience and infrastructure ensures we exceed your expectations in providing a high quality service in all aspects of helicopter support. Our state of the art facility includes a certified heliport, houses a 16,850 cubic foot paint booth, all in house mechanical, avionics design, installation and integration, composite, structural sheet metal repair and limited overhaul.

Panterra has a long history in the sales of helicopters, equipment and parts. We work in conjunction with East West Helicopter Inc. and their global associates in locating helicopters to meet our clientele’s requirements. We always maintain a large, constantly evolving inventory of parts and equipment.

This is the primary function of Panterra which combines our entire infrastructure. Beginning with project planning; which may include locating aircraft, all shipping logistics, the importation process, airworthiness certifications, all aspects of operational requirements; however specific, inspections, modifications, providing refurbished equipment/materials and purchasing surplus equipment/materials we strive to simplify the completion process while delivering exactly what our clients require.

Panterra is fully certified for all avionics installations including complete design and fabrication. We are an authorized installation and distribution center for many avionics manufacturers including; Garmin, NAT, Technisionic, Sandel, SkyConnect and FreeFlight. Panterra specializes in Integrated Communication/Navigation Systems including Satellite Telephone, Tactical FM Systems, EMS Communications/Tracking, EFIS, GPS Flight Following, Traffic Warning Systems, Weather Radar/Link and Auto Pilot Systems.

Panterra offers a full service paint center including stripping, metal and composite preparations, anti corrosion treatment, and paint application. Our staff is conversant with the latest materials and procedures offering expertise in complex paint schemes.

We are fully certified to complete sheet metal and composite structural airframe repairs. We complete all installations on the AS350 series including the Eurocopter Canada Left Hand Pilot, Seven Place Interior with Rear Battery Relocation. We have extensive experience with canopy refurbishment, stabilizer overhaul, complete utility and medical installations.

Panterra offers all aspects of mechanical services. These include complete "frame up" restorations with the latest upgrades, major inspections, equipment installations, dynamic component repair/refurbishment/upgrade and troubleshooting/adjustment of all flight systems.

We are experts in all aspects of global shipping. This includes the planning, customs, materials, equipment, disassembly and packaging of many types of helicopters for shipment by air, sea or road.